Direct Speech and Language Therapy: usually takes place at the office. It can be individual sessions, with parent participation when possible or a small group (2-occasionally 3) when social skills and functional language are targeted.
At the office, video access is available to parents who are unable to attend the session.

The parents can be involved in setting goals for individual speech and language therapy.

At Home (Behavior and Social Skills):
•Parents will be given an opportunity to participate in gathering information for a Functional Communication Assessment, which will enable me to establish your child's current level of successful communication including his/her strengths and weaknesses.
•I will team with parents as I determine which strategies and/or visual supports are needed to help improve successful communication with your child.
•With the parent's input, I will develop a behavior plan  addressing the causes of inappropriate behaviors and I will develop strategies and supports for your child in order to help reduce his/her anxiety and to help your child to be able to self-regulate disruptive behaviors. Such strategies and use of supports will be taught to both parents and the child.
•We will look at ways to simplify the environment and to clarify expectations for your child and to establish ways you can more easily and successfully interact with your child. This equals better communication and fewer behavior break downs!


At School:

Administration of Functional Communication Assessment via observation and interview with staff; to include a report with recommendations for helping child to improve his/her communication and to better manage behaviors. A Behavior plan will be developed to address causes of inappropriate behaviors; including strategies and supports to help him/her self-monitor behaviors.
•Will help the staff, as requested, to structure the environment in order to reduce child’s anxiety. Giving the child additional cues and concrete information about current and future expectations is vital. 
•Will help staff to develop, upon request, visual supports for child’s specific communication and behavior needs.

In-Services (Topics I offer include but are not limited to):
  • Using Visual supports to Increase Successful Communication
  • Optimizing the Learning environment to promote positive behaviors
  • Using Boardmaker Plus for Environmental structure, Learning and Communication Helps
  • Gestures; an Important Link to Language-give your child the foundation s/he needs for successful communication.
  • Social Interaction as a basis for communication development
  • Communication Intent of Challenging Behaviors: Practical solutions and strategies
  • Why is Recess so Hard?-strategies for helping your child to navigate the social world.
  • Using Video teaching for communication, behavior and social skills teaching.
  • (Personalized in-services are available)

Service Delivery and cost:

Please call for the fee scale for consults, direct treatments, and in-services.
A sliding fee may be available.
Package services are also available.
We work with insurance companies.


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