In 2014 our pediatrician recommended Debby for speech therapy for our two children.  The pediatrician was right.  Debby has been great.  Her speech therapy knowledge and experience is expansive, and she has worked well with both children.  She also thinks outside of the box (quoting the pediatrician), as she searches for communication aids for the children.  Her advice for working with the school has been very helpful.  If she sees something we need to let the pediatrician know, she gives us a straight-forward explanation for the doctor.  She is also pleasant, and writes good notes to share with other professionals and the insurance company.  Both my wife and I heartily recommend Deborah Benson as a speech therapist and child communications specialist.
Sincerely,  Don, Ashland, OR.

"Mrs. L." is simply the best, most effective, therapist our son has ever had. She tuned into my son's world and helped him better navigate the real world using games and social stories, that they often made together, that fit his situation and acknowledged his struggles and how those struggles made him feel.  She also helped us tremendously with improving communication with the school and helping the staff better understand our son's individual needs. 
                                 Melanie E., Boise Idaho

"She helped me learn to stay calm for my haircuts."
                                James E.,  Boise Idaho (son)

"Debby began working with my son with autism ten years ago, both as a speech and language therapist and as an autism/behavior consultant.  She was the first person to truly understand him, particularly how his communication delays directly impacted most areas of his life. ....I feel her efforts were instrumental in changing him from a very unhappy person who was overwhelmed with life challenges to the remarkably capable young man he is today."
                       Stephanie D., Niskayuna New York                                                      2013


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